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About the Lance Bradford STEM Scholarship

Lance Bradford STEM Scholarship has been founded by Lance Bradford,The Founder and CEO of Stable Development, a pioneering commercial real estate company based in Las Vegas. Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Bradford’s journey illustrates the power of discipline, leadership and strategic thinking.

After attending the University of Nevada, Reno on a baseball scholarship that instilled values of perseverance, Bradford became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and established his own accounting firm, Bradford & Company CPA in 1992. The firm was highly regarded for providing indispensable financial services to growing companies.

In 2005, Bradford entered the real estate sector by founding Stable Development, introducing an innovative partnership-based business model that empowers tenants to retain ownership stakes in properties. This has cultivated enduring partnerships and investor confidence rarely seen in Las Vegas’ commercial real estate landscape.

Under Bradford’s visionary leadership, Stable Development has constructed many profitable office spaces across Las Vegas, transforming the industry. Bradford takes a hands-on approach across operations including market analysis, strategic planning, financing and property management. This holistic oversight ensures optimal value creation from each project.

Driven by the motto “Focus on the solution”, Bradford leverages his analytical CPA skills with sharp business acumen to overcome challenges. His wife Leilani, Stable Development’s CFO, has been a source of strength behind his impressive journey.

As a passionate philanthropist, Bradford also founded the Lance Bradford STEM Scholarship to provide $1000 yearly scholarships to US-based graduate and undergraduate STEM students in financial need. As an advocate for youth education, he hopes this scholarship will empower students to pursue promising careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Bradford’s story represents the spirit of innovation, resilience and versatile leadership. His adaptive abilities across accounting and real estate, combined with a vision to uplift his community, make him an inspirational business leader. Bradford continues to shape the landscape in Nevada and beyond through Stable Development’s projects and community initiatives like the Lance Bradford STEM Scholarship.